Commercial Management

MIC is an experienced dry-bulk commercial manager for shipowners and other shipping investors seeking to optimize
earnings by performing spot voyage charters in a strategized trading pattern rather than reletting tonnage purely on
time charters. Our chartering and operations team is comprised of shipping professionals with vast networks and proven
track records in beating the dry cargo index. Our shipping expertise and geographical focus give us a competitive edge
amongst our peers. MIC Shipping provides full commercial management services to ship-owners, including:
MIC provides commercial management services including :

  • Concluding period, trip and voyage fixtures on behalf of the principal
  • Strategy meetings to discuss preferences and establish quarterly action plans
  • Geo-specific market information
  • Performance monitoring
  • Calculating and invoicing charterers for payment of freight on behalf of principals
  • Lay time and demurrage calculations
  • FFA and Bunker hedging
  • Claims handling and Legal advice
  • Daily communication with Master and crew
  • Appointment and ongoing liaison with port agents, weather bureaus, surveyors and port captains
  • IT platforms to monitor vessel activity, operation and earnings
  • Machine learning software to analyze supply/demand and other macro indicators
  • Full post-fixture and accounting
  • Full voyage results reporting and analysis.
  • Period chartering
  • COAs and CVs
  • Pool employment
  • Voyage planning, execution and monitoring
  • Agency appointment and disbursement handling
  • Bunkering
  • Speed and performance monitoring
  • Laytime and demurrage calculations
  • Assistance in claims handling
  • Freight and hire invoicing
  • Voyage and time charter operations
  • Negotiation of charter party contracts and terms
  • Vessel performance assessment
  • Liaison with charterers
  • Around the clock post fixture work
  • Risk management
  • Ship accounting (invoicing and recovery of freight and lay time calculations) Market analysis

We are managing a fleet of vessels namely:

  • Oil, Asphalt & Chemical tankers
  • Geared Bulk carriers
  • Fast support Intervention Vessels (FSIV)
  • Accommodation barges
  • Utility boats
  • Landing crafts